Course Contract

The students who meet all the objective requirements listed below will be guaranteed a grade of “B” or better. 

Each Formal Assignment (together, 35% of grade)

  • Meet the length requirement
  • Meet the stated requirements of the prompt (be on-topic)
  • Assert an arguable thesis
  • Support claims with relevant evidence
  • Integrate the kinds of analysis the prompt requires:
  • For Assignment 1 – a comparison of some idea about a NYC place in one assigned text and either your own experience or another text you choose addressing the same place
    • For Assignment 2 – analysis of a chosen text, explaining how its ideas are connected in some way to place; deployment of research using at least two substantial sources
    • Document any evidence from outside sources according to a style guide like MLA, which means you MUST:
    • Include in-text citation EVERY time you use ideas from a source
    • Include a Works Cited page with entries for each source you used


Research Proposal (10% of grade)

  • Meet the length requirement (2-3 pages)
  • Propose a text that examines a place you have a personal connection to
  • Explain the personal connection you have to the place examined
  • Explain the ways the text you’ve chosen illuminates your understanding of your chosen place


Research Presentation (10% of grade):

  • Present for 2-3 minutes on the ideas you’ve explored in your research project
  • Include some visual element that gives a sense of the place you are exploring
  • Include some textual element showing what ideas are connected to that place
  • Cite all images and sources you found through research according to a style guide

Portfolio Reflection (5% of grade)

  • Submit a 1-2 page reflection on the development of your writing process and ideas over the course of the semester
  • Address all the formal assignments
  • Both discuss your personal experience of producing this writing and also comment on the product itself – how do you feel about what you produced?

Peer Review (5% of grade)

  • Come to class having prepared a full draft on each peer review day
  • Give substantial feedback to classmates on each peer review day


Weekly Short Writings (25% of grade)

  • Submit a weekly writing of 200-400 words every week a prompt is assigned (you may skip up to two writings)
  • Respond to the question of the prompt (be on-topic)
  • Post your submission as a comment on our course site, responding to the post where I pose the question


Discussion and In-Class Writing (10% of grade)

  • Each week, eithercontribute verbally to class discussion at least once or write a 50+ word response to someone else’s weekly short writing.
  • Complete all in-class writings and turn them in at the end of class.

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